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Find someone who will do Your job.

Place an ad with photo, description of job, category, geographic where job is, expire date of ad, and offered price to get job done.

When one or more have applied for Your job, You will get a push notification to pay brokerage fee, and when done, You will se all contact details. Call or mail and make final arrangements for doing Your job.

Search for a job to earn extra money

Go thru ad´s. Filter Your search by category, distance and / or price.
Apply for job.
If You are eager to get the the job, put a lower bid to get the job, Advertiser will contact You to make final arrangements how and when to do the job.

How to find a great Doer

The better You describe Your job, with text and photos (up to 5 photos), the bigger chance You have to get a great Doer who wants to do Your job. You can also enhance Your ad to make it more visible in the ad-flow.

Are You interested in new job opportunities?

Browse thru the flow of ad’s. If You want, You can se ad’s on the map to se closest jobs. Use filters to just se ad’s that You are interested in. You can also put in Your preferences in the wish list, and as soon someone has published an ad that matches Your preferences, You get a push notification to apply for that job.

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